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"500 Mile Fishing Challenge-Travel by Boat Series"

Lee Cepero of Trophy Taker Outdoors is challenging other anglers to make this 500 mile run from Port St. Lucie down the coast, across to Okeechobee, to Ft. Myers, the Everglades, the Keys, Boca and back up the East Coast to Port St. Lucie in this 500 Mile Fishing Challenge, traveling by water only.
The journey begins May 16th around the bottom half of Florida. It is a hard core fishing trip that will contain all the typical TTO fun.  While Lee shows the diversity of the fishing and cruising that the state has to offer, he will also be challenging others to see how many different species of fish can be caught along this route, both freshwater and saltwater and do a little diving also.  Also making the journey is Dave East, former Boating Editor of the Florida Sportsman and former Host of Best Boat and Project Dreamboat.
Each X on the chart indicates where the crew will stop for the evening to meet with a local guide to chart the next day’s course and TTO may even be joined aboard by a few of those captains.
TTO will periodically stream live on Facebook and share the journey along the way across their social media platforms and sometime over the summer, the series will air on the Pursuit Channel in Trophy Taker Outdoors' regularly slated time slot showing places visited, where the crew stayed, fish that were caught and more. The shows will cover provisions, trip preparations, how the boat was outfitted, fishing info, accommodations, fuel stops and more, so someone who wants to make the same trip, or any leg of the trip, will have all of the information they need.  The trip should take approximately 6 days and cover more than 500 miles.