Recent Episodes

Dive Dive Dive

The crew heads out for a little spearfishing for some big underwater prey

Gator Hunting

The crew is fishing for some giants weighing in at over 200 lbs.

Breaking Clays & Making Bets

The crew is at the Rough Riders Annual Clay Tournament and have their own inside bet taking place.

Shocking Bass with FWC

The crew heads out to Bass Fish and then boards the shocker boat with the FWC to research Big Bass

Search for the Perfect Boat

Lee looks for the perfect boat to meet the needs of the many outdoor sports Lee is involved in.

Getting Ready for the 500 Mile Fishing Trip

Preparing for a trip by boat is tedious work trying to determine what to take and leave behind.  Lee meets up with Power Pole to do a little fishing before he leaves.

Okeechobee - 500 Mile Fishing Adventure - Day 1

Lee heads from Port St. Lucie to Okeechobee on the first leg of his 500 mile fishing adventure.

Fort Myers - 500 Mile Fishing Adventure - Day 2

Lee travels to his hometown by boat and gets a surprise visit from someone.

Everglades - 500 Mile Fishing Adventure - Day 3

The trip out of the Everglades proves risky with 25 mph winds, so they guys hunker down, but the bite is on fire.


Keys - 500 Mile Fishing Adventure - Day 4

Boca Raton - 500 Mile Fishing Adventure - Day 5