Capt. John Gunter

I started out fishing at a very young age, and my passion for the sport grows stronger ever year. I started my love of salt water fishing over 25 years ago. At the age of 16, I would take my small aluminum boat over to the south shore of Tampa Bay, and fish the famous Cockroach Bay area. I spent countless days exploring the flats and backwaters areas of Cockroach. After getting my first flats skiff, I was then able to fish many different areas of Tampa Bay. I became what my friends would refer to as a “expert fisherman.” After getting my own boat that I could run up to 30 miles or so, I started putting together my own fishing spots. Today I have 250-300 GPS coordinates that are very productive! I worked as a deck hand on several offshore charter boats that taught me the ropes. Four years ago, I completed my USCG captain’s school and received my license to be a charter Captain. I look forward to fishing with you..
Capt. John -