A former state trooper faces a felony charge in the shooting of an unarmed man during a traffic stop in Columbia, South Carolina earlier this month.

The State Law Enforcement Division said in a news release that 31-year-old Sean Groubert was charged Wednesday with assault and battery of a high and aggravated nature. He faces up to 20 years in prison if convicted.

Authorities say Groubert stopped the victim for a seat belt violation on Sept. 4 outside a convenience store. Dash cam video shows the driver get out of his car and the trooper ask to see his license. As the driver turns to grab his wallet from his vehicle, the trooper begins yelling "get out of the car" and opens fire.

"I just got my license, you said get my license," you then hear the driver say as he falls to the ground.

"Bro, you dove head first back into your car," Groubert is later heard saying to the driver.

The driver survived his wounds.

The Department of Public Safety Director Leroy Smith said in a statement that Groubert was not threatened when he fired his gun, and the arrest warrant states the shooting was not justified.

Groubert was given a $75,000 bond. It is not clear if he has his own lawyer


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1. Capitalize on stocked pheasant Though pheasant have been native in much of the continental United States for well over a hundred years, current farming practices have left less habitat for food and cover for a substantial population for many areas. This is where state pheasant stocking comes into play. The stocking dates and numbers are usually public and can be found in the hunting regulations manual or by calling your local division of wildlife. It is key to know where the stocked pheasants will be released and on what date. The stocked pheasants are not too wise to natural predators and the dangers of weather.

2. Know the lay of the land This is extremely important not only for where the birds can be found but also for hunter safety to know where other hunters may access the area from. Get a good topographical map and use an online map program such as Google Maps to get an idea of what to expect when your boots hit the dirt.

3. Live on the edge Hunt edge cover and along natural barriers such as creeks and thick cover. These natural areas will become a highway for pushed birds that are startled from other hunters. Many hunters hunt mostly in the centers of the fields, where walking is easier. They will push the birds along the barrier areas.

4. Let them come to you Beat other hunters to common areas, and set up in a promising spot: deeper than normal. Hunt farther back in the opening hours thereby avoiding the crowds and you will be where the pheasants will be moving towards. This may be accessed from side roads that are less frequented by the big city hunters. Turn them into your pheasant drivers.

5. Gather the facts Drive around to the hunting area parking lots and talk to the fellow hunters. Those that have bagged many will usually be bragging and the not so lucky will be quite apparent quickly. If you have friends that live in the area, they can tell you a lot as they are your local eyes. Also, the private lands adjacent to the public lands typical house refugee birds. If you can, get permission to hunt these parcels.

6. Use your eyes and ears If the area has been stocked, many times there will be the telltale tracks of the stocking vehicle. This is your ground zero to work from while fanning out. Using the ears will tell you where the birds are also, that leads us to number seven.

7. Lunch break seconds This is a favorite noon time tactic. By lunch time, most hunters have headed out of the fields in search of lunch. When all gets quiet, the birds emerge from their hiding places. This is when the smart hunter hits this area. Surprise these birds as they come out. Quiet approaches are the key.

8. Watch those sneaky runners Sometimes pheasants prefer to run and many times will stay within cover instead of opening themselves as an aerial target. Hunt these birds as you would a rabbit. It just may run right past your feet!

9. Dress for success If you are sweating and dragging your feet the whole trip, you will not be ready for the shot when it presents itself. Shed layers as the day gets warmer or add more as needed. A lightweight weapon is a must too. Leave that heavy goose gun at home.

10. Use a dog Maybe it’s obvious, but if you don’t have one, it’s not like you can go canine shopping today and have a perfect pheasant dog tomorrow. However, there are fully trained dogs available in some places (for a hefty price, no doubt), or maybe friends or acquaintances who own a good bird dog and are willing to loan or join you on a hunt.

This gun would be a solid addition to a bug out bag, or as a backup rifle for your vehicle, in case the situation gets dire. For more info about the AR-7, head over to http://www.henryrifles.com/rifles/u-s-survival-ar-7/

FBI probes conversion to Islam of fired store-worker who BEHEADED female co-worker and stabbed another woman before being shot dead by hero boss who was part-time police officer

Alton Nolen, 30, had just been fired when he drove up to Vaughan Foods in Moore, Oklahoma and 'attacked the first two people he saw'

He beheaded Colleen Hufford, 54, and stabbed Traci Johnson, 43, before Mark Vaughan, an off-duty officer and the company's former owner, shot him

Nolen and Johnson are both being treated in hospital

Co-workers revealed that Nolen, who has an extensive rap sheet, had recently converted to Islam and had tried to get them to convert as well

He has a Jesus tattoo on his chest and a Muslim greeting inked on his abdomen, court records show

In 2010, after he eluded cops and sparked a massive overnight manhunt, he was ordered to take an anger management course 

911 call reveals the chaos inside the entrance to the building after the suspect entered and attacked at random before he was gunned down

FBI now investigating whether conversion to Islam linked to attack 


A fired employee who had been trying to convert co-workers to Islam stabbed two female colleagues - beheading one of them - before an off-duty officer shot him, police have said.

Alton Alexander Nolen, who converted to Islam during a recent stint in prison, was fired from Vaughan Foods, a food processing plant in Moore, Oklahoma, on Thursday before returning to his SUV and smashing it into another vehicle.

The 30-year-old then climbed out and entered the building, attacking the first two people he saw with a knife he had used at the plant, Moore Police Sergeant Jeremy Lewis said.

After beheading Colleen Hufford, 54, and stabbing Traci Johnson, 43, Nolen was shot and wounded by off-duty sheriff's deputy and company CEO Mark Vaughan

Nolen survived and was hospitalized. Johnson is in stable condition in hospital.

The FBI is now investigating Nolen's recent conversion to Islam to determine whether it was connected to the attack.

I am extremely proud of the actions of Deputy Vaughan and I am convinced those actions saved the lives of several other employees.

"Mr. Vaughan, who serves as CEO of Vaughan Foods, was at work and when he was alerted that a man was attacking employees with a knife, Mark didn't hesitate. He quickly responded.

'Mark put an end to the threat by shooting the suspect and saving the life of a second victim who was being actively attacked by the suspect.

World Fishing Tackle (WFT) developed the mono-braid hyrbid, named Gliss, in secret for more than two years, according to Angling International.

The company says Gliss, which is made from “extruded hmpe fiber”, is stronger, thinner and easier to produce than most braids.

“Gliss looks like a mono, but has huge advantages, including almost zero stretch. Other lines have at least three times more stretch,” said WFT’s Managing Director, Christian Dibisch told Angling International. “It also has ex


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Chance Morgan is 24 years old and lives in the coalfields and mountains of southwest Virginia. He's an avid freelance writer and outdoorsman, who takes pride in his passion of not only hunting but also conservation. As an experienced venomous snake handler, he does what he can to conserve the population of Rattlesnakes and Copperheads. He believes that the morals and ethics instilled in someone due to their relationship with nature is the number one payoff for getting out there and doing


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Raccoon hunting is one of the more popular sports among hunters near and far. The thrill of the chase, the dark environment and US-HUNTING-TEAM-mrecthe challenges that are to be overcome are only a few of the things coon hunters encounter on a daily basis.

The materials needed to be a successful raccoon hunter all go hand in hand. These things are what make the difference in how your hunt will go.

Number one on the hunter’s list of necessities, of course, is the dog.

For many years, hunters have used countless breeds


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This video was recently uploaded by Swilk 16 who planned to make a boat proposal to his girlfriend while on a boating trip with some friends. However, things did not go exactly as planned. Watch the video to see for yourself what happened.

There is some foul language that can be heard in the background of the video.

No word on whether she said yes or if they ever found the ring. They seemed to be in shallow water so hopefully they were able to retrieve the ring. There’s a reason you should leave v


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The yeti, similarly to the North American Sasquatch, is a creature whose existence has never been proven. However, the stories of a large ape roaming the Himalayas have been around for centuries. The photos sold at the auction show seem to be bipedal footprints, much too large to be human, made in the snow.


Photo credit: Christie’s Images LTD. 2014

The photos were taken by Eric Earle Shipton in the Menlung Basin region of Mount Everest. The photos show the footprints, which measured between 12


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Private First Class, Nathan Currie, an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (EOD) technician stationed at Fort Stewart, was fishing at Holbrook Pond on Fort Stewart, Georgia when he witnessed a car driving into the pond.

According to the US Army Public Affairs Office, PFC Currie dropped his fishing rod and raced over to the car, which had flipped over with only the tires visible above the muddy water.

After reaching the site of the accident,


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This new tent from Cabela’s is really big. But if you’re setting up camp for an extended period of time and not carrying it in for miles then it’s perfect. tent The tent is 13 x 27 ft., more spacious than my apartment, and is even equipped with a stove jack and multi-paneled windows. This tent has 10 sturdy poles and the Cabela’s proprietary tent material, X-treme Tent Cloth, is rugged, highly water resistant and has quality tear/puncture strength. tent The tent has two doors, including a screen door,


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Kate grew up and currently resides in Austin, TX. She spent much of her childhood visiting US National Parks with her family. She now has a Biology degree from the University of Texas and she jumps at the opportunity to use new photography skills to capture Central Texas' best kept secrets. She truly enjoys camping, hiking, swimming, fishing, and snowboarding when she gets the chance. She admires her grandfather who was the first to person to teach her how to shoot a rifle and continues to


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Adam Ferguson of Tennessee went out fishing with some friends and family in Pensacola Bay, and according to the Pensacola News Journal, things didn’t end too well..While he was attempting to reel in a tuna, he fell back into the boat and hurt an old knee injury. While he was in pain, he asked his friend to head back to shore.  It is reported that Ferguson felt as though his friend was going too slow, so he asked him to go faster. When his friend didn’t comply, he took out his Leatherman multi-tool and stabbed his friend multiple times in the arm.  Adam’s father then restrained him from doing any more damage.  Later, Ferguson’s father told police that his son suffered from a bipolar condition and he was currently under treatment. He also told police that drugs and alcohol were not involved.  While in the hospital it has been reported that Ferguson got angry and punched a hole in the wall which resulted in additional charges. He is currently being held on a $250,500 bail.

A little over a year ago my brother-in-law convinced me to buy a fly rod. I can still hear his voice, “Bro, you gotta come fly fishing with me! Seriously, it’s so freaking sick!”

I have to admit, I never really planned to go, let alone enjoy it. I mean, fly fishing, isn’t that the stuffy old man sport my dad relentlessly tried to get me in to when I was young?

Flipping and flopping around a bunch of feathers tied


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In August, the US Forest Service closed camp grounds around Crater Lake near Aspen after a series of bear raids on campsites. Now, the Colorado Parks and Wildlife is asking bear hunters to focus their efforts in the region to keep the bear population in check, according to the Aspen Times

“There’s a lot of people out there that want to hunt bears,” said Kevin Wright, a spokesperson for Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

Wright said he doesn’t think the bears are responsible for the increased number of c


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Elysa Love needs immediate help

Lisa Love needs our help.  Her mother was our pediatrician's head nurse before he retired and is still our children's nurse at their doctor's office.  She was there for us when our daughter, Caylee, was diagnosed with Leukemia and then shortly after passed away.  Even if only $5, please donate any amount.  Lisa followed in her mother's footsteps and has taken care of many others. This is an amazing family in desperate need that we have known for many years and she is no longer able to work and is currently in treatment.  Thank you for anything you can contribute!  http://www.gofundme.com/b4fcng

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